Seller FAQ's

What is an estate sale?
Webster's defines estate as "property in general". An estate sale is the sale of the complete or partial contents of a household. The sale is held on the premises.

Why not conduct the sale myself?
Professionals bring experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding the market value of all household items. All taxes and fees are paid by the contractor and the property is left empty at the end of the sale.

What do I do to get ready for a sale?
Nothing! Emerald Estate Sales will separate, price, and display all items for sale. We will also advertise and conduct the sale for you.

What happens to items that don't sell?
There are several choices available. Emerald Estate Sales has a number of means of disposing of non-saleable items, i.e. tax deductible donations to worthwhile charities.

Additional FAQ's will be added in time.